What is real-time email verification?

Email verification is a common method to prove you’re a real conscious human person – for the purposes on safe online transactions. A message with a link is sent to the user, and he has to click on it to verify his/her sign-up, order, subscription or comment. This process is of the most significance in transactions involving money, such as online banking. Though in modern fast-pace reality it becomes even more important to validate data as quick as possible. And preferably instantly, in real time, so tools and services for real-time email verification emerged.

Being one of the ways to guarantee the collection of real and right user data on the early stage – before emails enter a database, is also an opportunity to turn users to customers. As a business, you want clean email lists to increase sales and, of course, no risks of fraud. Thus, when a user signs up on your website or app, you want to avoid fake/wrong emails right there. You don’t want misspelled addresses or fake accounts of someone fooling around. How do you do it?

What is real-time email verification?

Real-time email validation, or verification, is one of the solutions that a typical email verifier service offers. It can be free or paid for a certain amount of validations per period, depending on a company. To verify email addresses in real-time at point of entry, a connection is established between a user sign-up form and a validation service. This is usually done via API – a set of protocols in programming to set a communication between programs.

real-time email verification

Such validation identifies common errors/typos (“gamil”, “mgail”, “gmail.cmo”, etc.), authenticates domains, syntax, and in some cases checks MX records (mail exchange) for existence of email address. It can be integrated into web forms, sign-up forms, forums and message boards, CRMs.

Benefits of real-time email verification are obvious:   

  • Clean email lists
  • Reduce bounces and increase CTR
  • Improve marketing/email campaigns
  • Reach more people to turn them into customers
  • Save time and opportunity to automate tasks

How to verify emails: iLead API

You can easily find dozens of services online offering real time email verification, take for example iLead. It has REST API for validation that can be integrated into your software with minimal effort. Just a few code lines/snippets is all it takes to start preventing fake or faulty accounts. Each time email is entered, a request to API is generated and then it returns information about the email.

Basically, it is a 3-step process: create account > get API key > integrate. For more information, visit API documentation page. Our API is designed to be simple in use, request structure is always the same:

  • data – your request
  • meta – information about your request
  • errors – errors detailing the cause of fail

While a user will get a notification in case of wrong/fake email, you will get detailed status results on every email address in your system. As a result, you will know if email format is correct, if email exists, if there’s a connection to SMTP server, plus 1-to-10 rate of email validity.

API for email validation

At the same time, you can use iLead to check email addresses manually and get deliverability rates in percentages based on a number of parameters.

online email verification

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