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There are new options for more rigorous testing by R CMD check selected by environment variables – see the ‘Writing R Extensions’ manual.

Is "more rigorous" relative to the default set of checks? I can't find the supporting text in the manual. I'm sure I'm just missing it What options do I specify to perform the MOST rigorous testing?

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Error: User Rate Limit ExceededR CMD check --as-cran foo_1.2-3.tar.gz

Error: User Rate Limit Exceeded--as-cranError: User Rate Limit Exceeded

Error: User Rate Limit Exceeded~/.R/check.RenvironError: User Rate Limit Exceeded

# See R Internals manual
_R_CHECK_CRAN_INCOMING_=TRUE это объясняет, почему я не получил отчеты о проверке орфографии :(
Спасибо, Дирк, это только помогло мне. Для людей, использующих devtools, используйте: check (args = & quot; - as-cran & quot;)

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  1. YES, 'more rigorous' is relative to a default set of checks. The default checks do not test everything that can be tested.

  2. The most rigorous way to test is to specify all possible tests via config file values in check.Renviron (see R Internals and Writing R Plugins manuals)

  3. There is no easy way (i.e. command-line parameter) to check it all. A package author would have to maintain a config file (check.Renviron) as new versions of R are released.

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