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The SVN book states the following:

Once you have performed a reintegrate merge you should not continue to use it for development. The reason for this is that if you try to resynchronize your existing branch from trunk later on, merge tracking will see your reintegration as a trunk change that has not yet been merged into the branch, and will try to merge the branch-to-trunk merge back into the branch! The solution to this is simply to create a new branch from trunk to continue the next phase of your development.

В моем случае я хочу продолжать использовать ветку после реинтеграции в транк и продолжить реинтеграцию в транк несколько раз. Я сделал это, и я столкнулся с двумя основными проблемами:

I keep getting weird tree conflicts when I try reintegrate. I keep getting a message that says something like "Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 280 through 325 were previously"

Как мне обойти эту проблему, если я хочу иметь возможность реинтеграции из ветви несколько раз?

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~/python/orb $ svn merge -r 650:693 https://paulwhippconsulting.slsapp.com/source/orb/trunk
~/python/orb $ svn commit -m 'merged revisions 650:693 from trunk'
Sending        occl

Committed revision 695.

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