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  1. Is it true that having a CLR app vs. a Win32 app adds capabilities to your development process even if you don't utilize any .NET libraries or other resources?

  2. If so, would I still be able to develop/compile the project as a CLR project to take advantage of these even though I'd be developing a pure C++ project using STL, etc. and not taking advantage of any .NET functionality? Or would such a project require fundamental differences that would make it non-trivial to revert back, meaning I should stick with a Win32 console app?

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What's the difference between CLR console application and win32 console application?

and I cannot using namespace System under the win32 console application model. - System namespace is part of .NET framework.

What should I do when I want to use the namespace?

and Doesn't it have input hint such as in C# model?

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