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Как обрабатывать предупреждения о загрузке JavaScript в селене?

Он не перехватывается в Selenium IDE и не обрабатывается функцией getAlert ().

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Selenium tries to conceal those dialogs from you (by replacing window.alert, window.confirm and window.prompt) so they won’t stop the execution of your page. If you’re seeing an alert pop-up, it’s probably because it fired during the page load process, which is usually too early for us to protect the page.

onload .




    selenium.keyPressNative("27"); // Escape
    selenium.keyPressNative("10"); // Enter    
    selenium.keyDownNative("16"); // Press and do not relase the shift key, so that
    selenium.keyPressNative("79"); // this character will be capitals
    selenium.keyUpNative("16"); // Release the shift key, as we don't need it for the 

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