Вопрос по python – Извлечение zip-файла в память?


Как извлечь zip в память?

Моя попытка (возвращениеNone на.getvalue()):

from zipfile import ZipFile
from StringIO import StringIO

def extract_zip(input_zip):
    return StringIO(ZipFile(input_zip).extractall())
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def extract_zip(input_zip):
    return {name: input_zip.read(name) for name in input_zip.namelist()}

import zipfile
import StringIO

class InMemoryZip(object):

   def __init__(self):
       # Create the in-memory file-like object for working w/imz
       self.in_memory_zip = StringIO.StringIO()

   # Just zip it, zip it
   def append(self, filename_in_zip, file_contents):
       # Appends a file with name filename_in_zip and contents of
       # file_contents to the in-memory zip.
       # Get a handle to the in-memory zip in append mode
       zf = zipfile.ZipFile(self.in_memory_zip, "a", zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED, False)

       # Write the file to the in-memory zip
       zf.writestr(filename_in_zip, file_contents)

       # Mark the files as having been created on Windows so that
       # Unix permissions are not inferred as 0000
       for zfile in zf.filelist:
           zfile.create_system = 0       

       return self

   def read(self):
       # Returns a string with the contents of the in-memory zip.
       return self.in_memory_zip.read()

   # Zip it, zip it, zip it
   def writetofile(self, filename):
       # Writes the in-memory zip to a file.
       f = file(filename, "wb")

if __name__ == "__main__":
# Run a test
   imz = InMemoryZip()
   imz.append("testfile.txt", "Make a test").append("testfile2.txt", "And another one")


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